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Comforter Barbie Fashion

Comforter Barbie Fashion
Comforter Barbie Fashion
Item# 01281


Comforter Barbie Fashion

Comforter Barbie Fashion, Bed Set double side a touch of elegance,  comfortable , and soft. Beautiful and warm color to your Bedroom.


* Comforter Barbie Fashion

* Fabric : Imported 50% cotton & 50% polyester.

* Mat, Pillowcases, decorations, lamp, pictures and Curtains Sold Separetely.

  SKU  Conforter 2 sides Shams Flat sheet Fitted Sheet PillowCases  

Total Pieces



Individual  Twin

01281 1 1 1 1 1 5 $174.95

Matrimonial  Full

01291 1 2 1 1 2 7 $199.95

We recommend taking into account the washing instructions for your garments with durability and keep the original colors

Wash in industrial machine Do not bleach or detergent powder No twisting, stretching only, dry hung or supported

Wash in industrial machine Dry the garment hanging vertically Use coat hanger and shape the garment as it dries

Separate the dark colors.

Dry at low temperature Use a moderate amount of liquid detergent