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Eureka Bagless Upright 4711AZ

Eureka Bagless Upright 4711AZ
Eureka Bagless Upright 4711AZ
Item# 4711AZ
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Product Description:

Combining power with maneuverability is the Maxima series designed by Eureka. These vacuums feature the strength of a 12 amp motor combined with being lightweight. The Eureka 4711AZ Maxima Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is one of these revolutionary models. It has a powerful motor and weighs less than fifteen pounds so you can carry it wherever it is needed in your home.

As well as being power and maneuverable, the Eureka 4711AZ vacuum cleaner is versatile. The five-position height adjust makes this vacuum cleaner as ideal for extra-deep carpeting as it is for bare floors. A Power Paw with Riser Visor has a strong brushroll that deep cleans dirt and pet hair from stairs and upholstery. You can also clean vertically so that every cleaning is a thorough one.

Product Features:

The Eureka 4711AZ vacuum cleaner features an integrated hose as well. The hose has a wide diameter, which is helpful when vacuuming larger debris. The hose won't clog. There is also no need to disconnect and reconnect the hose to switch from standard cleaning to above the floor cleaning with this integrated hose. The vacuum is also bagless and has an easy to access, easy-empty dust cup.

For a lightweight, powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner, try the Eureka 4711AZ Maxima Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner today!

Product Specifications:

* Model: Eureka 4711AZ

* Product Type: Maxima Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

* Dimensions: 15'' x 12'' x 42.5''

* Power: 12 amps

* Cord Length: 25 ft.

* Power Paw with Riser Visor

* Easy-Empty Dust Cup

* Lightweight

* 5-Positon Height Adjust

* Integrated Hose

Product Benefits:

* Is bagless so there's no need to shop for vacuum cleaner bags.

* Is lightweight so you can bring it wherever you need to clean in your home.

* Five position height adjust makes it easy to clean all the different surfaces in your home.