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Disney ''Up'' Talking Dug Plush 11''

Disney ''Up'' Talking Dug Plush 11''
Disney ''Up'' Talking Dug Plush 11''
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''Up'' Talking Dug Plush - 11''

Find out what's on the canine mind with the ''Up'' Talking Dug Plush Toy. This soft and fuzzy stuffed toy dog can really talk from a faux ''radio'' collar when you squeeze his left paw. While his funny thoughts may be taken quite literally, you'll have to decide for yourself when to give this Dug stuffed toy a hug. This big and friendly canine Dug is one of the stars of Disney/Pixar's animated adventure, Up. Imported.


- Dug thinks aloud when you squeeze his paw

- Hear 7 unique phrases such as ''Are you a dog, too?'' and ''My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you''

- Polyester

- Sits 11'' H

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Disney ''Up'' Talking Dug Plush 11''